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From the Freedom for Alfon Platform, we call out to you to join the campaign to fight for Alfon’s freedom.

On September the 18th will take place the trial against our family member, friend, neighbor and comrade Alfon, where he might be condemned to 5 and a half years in prison.

Alfon is a 22 year old man, from the working class neighborhood Vallecas, in Madrid. He was arrested when he was leaving his home on his way to a protest part of the general strike on the 14th of November of 2012, in a struggle to stop the increase of unemployment, against the laboral reform, against the welfare cuts, the privatization of the health system, the education, etc.

Thanks to solidarity and to international movements on the 28th of December of 2012 we were able to break the silence of the media and to get him out of jail after 56 days there. That was on the 9th of January of 2013.

Repression in the State of Spain has been increasing extremely recently reaching unsuspected limits. There is thousands of people fined, charged and hundreds facing prison sentences for taking part in social and political movements.

For this reason we have organized protests and rallies in Madrid and other towns in the country. We invite you to join an international solidarity day next 16th of September at 19h and we ask for your active solidarity once more.

We propose that you:

- Spread the information through your networks via emails, panels, etc.

- Organize a protest on the same day, the 16th of September at 19h, in you town, accompanied by a statement. We would be grateful if you send us a picture to our email.

We thank your support and look forward to hear from you.

Freedom for Alfon!

For freedom and the withdrawal of all the charges of all the people imprisoned or accused for fighting for our rights!

Working Class Struggle!

SOLIDARITY ACCOUNT: ES33 0487 0542 86 2000051729 ( a nombre de Madres Contra la Represión)

Facebook: Grupo Apoyo Alfon

Twitter: Alfon_libertad



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